Social Flow Weekend: Confidence, Charisma and Leadership.

KIt klub - 1067 Budapest Eötvös utca 19.

Do you want to live in the moment? To relax and make friends effortlessly? Maybe you want to grow your business and attract opportunities into your life? How can we do this without spending thousands of dollars on self-help, coaches or trial-and-error?

There is a way and it is not what you might think. When you think about relaxing - maybe you think about the beach, maybe a nice glass of wine or a fine book. But for us there's another way, one brought with us from the streets of New York.

It's called improvisation theater - making comedy with no plan and it is the most important skill you've never learned in school. If you can relax on stage with no plan - you can relax anywhere. If you can lead and be funny on stage with no plan - you can lead and be funny anywhere. And when you master these skills people will want to be around you so much you can just wait for opportunities to comes to you.

Social Flow weekend is the best-of-the-best improvisation techniques that you can immediately apply to your life. Over this weekend there are three topics on the menu:

Saturday will make you into an expert conversationalist. You'll never run out of things to say, be the life of the party and tell stories that leave us in tears. In the morning we cover storytelling and the afternoon we unveil our secret conversation structures that allow you to lead your relationships towards intimacy and trust.

Sunday will unleash your creativity and personal presence, diving deep into improvisation theater to show you how to go with the flow and find the funny in every moment.


Who is this for?

Our students range in age from 18-45 and fall into five categories:

Flow for Creators - For Authentic Expression and Depth

Flow for Leaders - For Natural Charisma and Magnetism

Flow for Introverts - For Social Confidence and Self-Acceptance

Flow for Hustlers - For Entrepreneurship and Social Dynamics

Flow for Seekers - For Spiritual Growth and Inner Knowledge


What do people say?

"...having joined the Beginner Improv Class at the Red Ball Theater, and completed a show in front of friends and strangers, I feel unstoppable! At first really needed to be pushed to even go to the classes but now I'm inviting friends and moving around my schedule just to make sure I can make as many workshops as I can. Still having more to learn, I have seen a big difference of confidence in my 'off the cuff' thinking and sticking to the bit, I plan on attending more classes :D"

"...We got to do activities and scenes that were different each week. But the most valuable thing that I learned was during the last class: my fears are similar to everybody else's fears. The best way to overcome it is to just do what scares me. This mindset is freeing and I'm grateful for it. Most importantly, I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself without the encouragement and motivation from Peter, the best improv teacher... and all of my lovely teammates."


Who is the Teacher?

From the age of six, everyone knew trainer Peter Mezey was a genius. He spent High School teaching himself advanced calculus and programming out of college textbooks. When he reached Wall Street at the top of the tech world he realized this path had made him miserable. He decided if he could figure out numbers he could figure out people so he left New York to meet the world and meet himself. He became Hungary's improv guru training hundreds of students not only in the theater but for a broader apprecation of life and the social experience.
Peter has worked with living legends, including: Keith Johnstone, Sandor Lehoczky, TJ & Dave and Krisana Locke.


What are all the details?


10AM-1PM : Storytelling Superpowers - 9.990 HUF

2PM-5PM : Conversation Flow Master Class - 9.990 HUF

Joint Saturday Ticket - 15.900 HUF


10AM-5PM : Creative Flow Improvisation Intensive - 15.900 HUF


Location: KIT Klub Oktogon (Eotvos u 19.)


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