Midsummer Festivalito Helsingborg

2024. június 20.
2024. június 23.
Svédország, Helsingborg

Szentivánéj, nyári napforduló, hűs tengeri szellő, tangó... ráadásul ahol Kata is a lemezlovasok egyike lesz!

Gyere csatlakozz ehhez a különleges, tangós mulatsághoz!

Az eseményről bővebben:

Wow that's quite a twist! What was supposed to be a little meetup, now is developing into a festivalito! First time ever, a warm hearted tango event in Helsingborg aiming to bring our dear Swedish and international friends together. And what awesome folks it is!

4 international Djs /teachers, over 20 hours of dancing, a variety of workshops (detailed schedule yet to come) and plenty of socialising, celebration and joy of life!

Evenings are for dancing from dusk till dawn. Location will have everything that we love and value most: good floor, good flow, good air, easy to reach. But what it will be, we haven't decided yet 🙂

To register for the Midsummer festivalito, please follow the link https://forms.gle/KwsAqACihzjGSsN5A

The full cost of the program is 120 euro, that includes easy foods, socialising events and dancing. It gets a little bit more expensive if you pay per activity, also workshops and travel costs for sightseeing in the region are not included in this price.

For ticket options, please follow the link


You will find a preliminary program on our webpage: https://tangofortuna.com/fortunafriends/

For further questions and more information please email us: tango.fortuna@gmail.com, or call Tania +46761 665 626.

See you by the sea!

Sincerely yours,

Tango Fortuna team

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