2018.04.20. 19:30
2018.04.20. 19:30
Red Ball Theater Gyulai Pal utca 5, Budapest, Hungary, 1085

‍Flow - a concept discovered by Hungarian Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is the most pleasurable state of being for humans - one where we are at one with the moment, living to the fullest of our capabilities. In this two hour guided journey we explore our flow with three experts from different creative fields: Meditation, Dance and Theater.

We start with a sound meditation from Etele Simonfi. Using shamanic drums, gong, sound Bowl and Indian flute, Etele guides us through the meditation under which intuitive sounds create a meditative state close to trance.

We then form a Tango partnership with Bela Barabas and Kata Hudry. Bela and Kata are dancers, leading their own tango school in Budapest for many years ( who have performed in Dubai, Austria and right here in the Hungarian Palace of Arts (MÜPA).They focus on the journey of the inner self that a dancer discovers while using his/her body and the connection we maintain with our partner that brings us until the real feel of flow.

Finally we work with the group dynamics of improvisation theater with Red Ball Theater's founder Peter Mezey. Peter believes improvisation is not about comedy but rather discovering and exploring deep states of emotion and joy that we suppress in daily life.

This workshop is limited to 30 people and all attendees participate in all three sections of the evening. You do not need a partner to attend - as with everything at Red Ball Theater "Come alone, leave together!" We anticipate most of the spots will be filled by Red Ball and Tango students so if you are new to us, email AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to reserve a ticket - with the subject "Tango night".

The price is 4000 forints and the location is Gyulai Pal u. 5 - two minutes from Blaha.

Questions, tickets reservation and more by emailing Peter directly at

We are excited to take this journey together!

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