Vienna Easter Tango Weekend - Live Musik + Workshops!


‍Dear Tango-Friends,

We are very glad to invite you to our first Tango-Easter-Weekend in the wonderful Vienna and are happy to welcome one of the best Tango-Musicians, the Orchestra Tango Harmony from Budapest!

On both Easter-Holidays, Saturday and Sunday, the Orchestra Tango Harmony will play for us during two big Milongas. Die Musicians will us also accompany for the four workshops with the topic “musicality and live-music”. Traditional as well as nuevo Tangos will be part of the program.


The Easter-Tango-Weekend will take place in the rooms of the Culture Club ‘Some Like it Hot’. The former dance school with its wonderful ballroom and perfect wooden dancefloor offers an ideal surrounding for this event. A second smaller ballroom invites you to practice or recreate. Of course, you can have your drinks at the bar. And in the three lounges you’ll find a bit of relaxation between a lot of dances and have some chats.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Registration: 03:00pm -08:00pm

Workshops “Live music tango musicality workshops for dancers”

04:00-05:30pm – Ws 1 - Musicality and Live Music -The basics

06:00 – 07:30 pm: Ws 2 - Intensity in the music

20:00 - 21:00 Welcome reception with a glass of sparkling wine

20:00 - 02: 00- Gran Milonga (Traditional - Nuevo Mix): Live Music: Orchestra Tango Harmony plays neo-nuevo music / Dj Isi

Sunday, April 01, 2018

04:00 - 05:30 pm: Ws 3 - Musical Frames

06:00 - 07:30 pm: Ws 4 - Music in the music, the melody

08:00pm - 02:00am Gran Milonga- (Traditional) - Live Music: Orchestra Tango Harmony plays traditional tango music / Dj Isi

Monday, April 02, 2018

5 pm. to 10 pm. Afterparty Milonga with DJ Isi

Workshops “Live music tango musicality workshops for dancers” with Bela Barabas and Kata Hudry (Budapest)

Tango music is as diverse as we dancers are. The aim is to unite: for leader and the follower through the embrace and for the couple through the music. These set of workshops leads you through the journey of all the important actors of the union: the dancers and their bodies and the music and its elements.

What is the structure of a tango? What and how we should concentrate on when listening to a tango? How should we use our bodies? How can we find our own tango through music?

Live music will be played on sight, where you will be assisted by the musicians and also the leading dancers. You can choose from a wide variety of tangos to analyze and practice through.

Workshop 1: The basics: We explore the bases of the music and transfer them into simple steps and movements. Games with 1, 1-3, 1,2,3,4 and with pause.

Workshop 2: Intensity in the music: Based on the first workshop, we link the tension in the dancer’s body to the volume and intensity of the music and we analyze the variations of the embrace and the axis. We start to introduce the idea of the importance of the center of the dancers.

Workshop 3: Musical Frames: Introduction of the musical frames. Linking the musical fragments with movements, changing intensity of the steps in the meantime. Focus on the importance of the pause.

Workshop 4: Music in the music; melody: Discovering the music beyond 4/4. What’s the usage of those? How we use them?

Slow and faster movements, combinations: the importance of the energy that a dancer expresses through her center, axis, embrace.

Prices: Workshops

Pre-sale till 25th of March 2018. Workshops can be booked one by one, combi-offers are available. Booking as a Single is possible, but we recommend booking as a couple.

1 WS: 30 € pre-sale till 03-25-2018

2 WS: 55 € pre-sale till 03-25-2018

3 WS: 75 € pre-sale till 03-25-2018

4 WS: 90 € pre-sale till 03-25-2018

Prices: Milongas, incl. drinks

All 3 Milongas, Sa, So, Mo: 55€ presale till 03-25-2018 / box office: 60€

2 Gran Milongas SA + So: 50€ presale till 03-25-2018 / box office: 55€

Gran Milonga – Saturday: 28 € presale till 03-25-2018 / box office: 32 €

Gran Milonga – Sunday: 28 € presale till 03-25-2018 / box office: 32 €

Afterparty Milonga – Monday: 10€ presale till 03-25-2018 / box office: 12 €

Tickets are available: phone +43 68181818549 or email:

Limited number of attendance! Box office only if still available tickets. Early booking recommended. Booking as Single is possible, but we recommend booking as a couple.

We are looking forward!

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