Learn to Say "NO"!

2018.10.28. 10:00
2018.10.28. 17:00
KIT KLUB - 1067 Budapest Eötvös utca 19.

Do you have trouble standing up for your needs?
Does meeting new people put a pit in your stomach?
Do all of your romantic relationships end the same way?

READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the information communicated below. This is a unique event and by attending you confirm that you have read the description.

Connection is why we are on this planet: it is what gives life meaning. No matter our business success, our happiness is defined by the people we surround ourselves with. Social Confidence is the set of tools that allow us to feel relaxed around those people and attract an exciting and vibrant social life. And most importantly, when you build a confident social life, it will feel EASY. No more sweat hands when meeting new people. No more waiting for invitations to the events you really want to attend, and no more searching around for "Mr./Mrs. Right."

Most social confidence courses sell you skills to put a mask around your nervousness. Fix your Body Language! Talk to yourself in the Mirror! Be Bolder! These are all helpful but they don't get to the heart of the matter: which is your heart. In this workshop we build a connected community using the techniques of improvisation theater. We explore the nature of the human bond and emotions and how to hold your boundaries in the face of conflict.

With this core of connection built, we will THEN build the outer skills you need to develop your ideal social life. This six hour workshop is the best-of-the-best of our techniques, taken from 3.5 years of teaching hundreds of students the art of human connection.

Our techniques come from Improvisation Theater, Public Speaking, Social Meditation and Comfort Zone Challenges. This is an intense workshop that gets results.Due to the nature of the exercises you must inform the organizers if you have ever been diagnosed with or taken medication for psychosis. In your registration email, include the word “Capricorn” in the subject to confirm you have read this description.

What do people say about the experience?
"One of the top three most impactful experiences of my life"

"I was afraid of some part of my personality, a deep dark and angry part I kept away from, knowing if at some point it would be triggered that I might lose control. The exercises allow you to challenge yourself in a way you would normally not do in daily life... it has value for everybody"

"Breathtaking experience. Want it again and again..."
Taught by Peter Mezey founder and trainer at Red Ball Theater and co-developed with Devaraj Sandberg of the Osho Leela Center in the UK.

Sunday 28 October 10AM - 5PM @ KIT Klub (Eotvos u 19, near Oktogon) - with lunch break.

Please wear comfortable clothing

The cost is 28.000 and is limited to 12 participants. Email peter@redballtheater.com to register.

Your social life can be exciting and easy and this six hour workshop will take you further than anywhere before! Imagine a social life that feels effortless! See you there!

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